Saunders Education

OUR objectives

developing really good relationships & ensuring a real understanding

To comply with the Government's open BIM policy, from April 2016, all public projects must be designed using BIM. Saunders have successfully completed many projects in BIM and have the necessary experience to resource client requirements.

Our BIM objectives are:

To give our clients a complete and comprehensive approach to constructing their building, through Building Information Modelling (BIM) by:

Logically helping bring our clients concept requirements into reality.
Driving design needs by understanding our clients' BIM expectations.
Meeting our clients BIM expectations.
Refining and clearly defining responsibility and liability parameters.

To rationalise the construction process by:

Reducing project time, optimising and increase productivity.
Defining early on the overall costs of the end product.

To create long-term relationships:

With clients who value the benefits of BIM.
With contractors such as structural engineers, mechanical engineers and specialists.

To follow standards:

Conforming to all changing and evolving architectural and BIM standards including RIBA plan of works and PAS 1192-2 etc.
Utilise NBS Uniclass classifications.
Define COBie to deliver asset data.
Follow AEC UK BIM Protocols.

To continually:

Be flexible,
Encourage collaborative working and data exchange.
Maintain simple and effective procedures.
Respond rapidly to the ups and downs in construction and to our client's requirements.

Be at the forefront of technology:

We have been designing projects using intelligent 3D BIM models for several years, utilising Revit for automatically providing 3D BIM compliant models, schedules, quantities, material take-offs and drawings.
We export BIM data in multiple formats including IFC, for use in project management and clash detection software including, Tekla, Navisworks, Solibri, or BIMSight.
We export COBie data in excel format at handover for use in Facilities Management software.
Raw data can be exported to suit a variety of project programming software.

To step forward in the BIM revolution by encouraging collaboration with clients and contractors with free issue of information and models.