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Academisation: is it better to wait or start now?


As a school governor, parent, interested member of the community and education architect, this is something that really intrigues me.
David Cameron has said that every state school has to become an Academy by 2020. However is it best to choose Academy chains now, perhaps with greater choice OR wait till nearer the deadline when the rules or choices may have changed?
From a school governor perspective we are looking at all of the options to ensure the fairest result for our school. We don’t want to miss anything and as a result are making no decisions.
As a parent, one of my children’s schools is an academy and the other are reviewing academy chains to decide which one to become a part of.
Within our community, out of 6 local primary schools, 3 are academies and 3 are state run. This provides an interesting backdrop as it is exactly equal.
As an architect with an education agenda, academisation gives schools greater freedom to decide how to spend their money and as such this could lead to enhanced educational delivery for new facilities.
So probably choice is a good thing. Procrastinating is worthwhile, but for how long? I am still not sure. However I do believe we have to make a decision. And probably before 2020.